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JUST CS was established in October 1992 as the exclusive representative of the top Swiss herbal cosmetics JUST in what was then Czechoslovakia. In 1995, she took Swiss food and dietary supplements Nahrin under her wing. This Czech family company thus represents a major domestic player in the field of health care, beauty and mental well-being. The company has been owned by the same family since the beginning and since 2015 it has been helping people in difficult social and health situations through its JUST CS Foundation.

The growing family of supporters includes professional advisers, hostesses and especially satisfied customers. These are proof of the quality, success and trust that JUST CS is developing alongside the Swiss partners JUST International AG and Nahrin AG. JUST CS offers their products through direct sales. The products and the necessary information are thus provided to customers by trained professional advisors.

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Why do I work with JUST?

  • I know the products that JUST CS has been bringing to the Czech market for more than 25 years very well and they have always relied on them. I represent a stable and strong company that has already gained the trust of many customers, so in some cases I provide advice even to their next generation. I am filled with the search for the best possible combination of products tailored to the needs of my customers.

What form of direct selling suits me the most?

  • I use JUST CS products every day at home and at work. People around me have become accustomed to this and often come to me themselves for advice. Thanks to professional seminars and trainings from JUST CS, I will explain everything to them. I like it when things come together like this and I can offer people products I know so well.

Which product area do I focus on?

  • 208/5000 I am constantly trying to draw new information on all products and I think that success lies in the right combination of nutrition from the inside and care from the outside. The products offered by JUST CS complement each other perfectly.